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  读音如音标所示:英 [ˈempərə(r)] 美 [ˈɛmpəɚ]
  emperor 基本解释
  名词 皇帝,君主
  1. Then, the emperor Song Taizong sent his officials to take food and charcoal to the place where his people lived.
  2. To the Northern Song Dynasty, the Song Emperor in two years as a result of their ancestors built the need for military defense, will be extended to 25 years old city.
  3. Twenty years later, Liu Miyoshi childhood friends in the palace, Mouzon Shi Sandi Yi Li (Hao-decorated) were pro-li emperor, is the Emperor Xuanzong, Yao Jin Ling Liu Miyoshi and through friendly relations between the Emperor Xuanzong to be close to finally got his wish, was given the title Liffey.
  读音如音标所示:英 [ˈkaɪzə(r)] 美 [ˈkaɪzɚ]
  1. And in wealthier nations, there was strong support to do more to help. The Kaiser Family Foundation and the Pew Global Attitudes Project did the survey.
  2. Kaiser Permanente, a health care organization in the US, has publicly reported greenhouse gas emissions for 2006 and is being certified as a Climate Action Leader in the state of California.
  3. During World War I, Kaiser Wilhelm II"s army is east and west two lines with Russia, France, Britain and other countries at war, the war is very intense, intense.
  4. Retirement》 Performed by Kaiser Cheif, one of my most favourite band
  表达皇帝的短语:a Son of Heaven
  1. Canton Park East has a number of聚齐Villa Park, Villa Park, a Son of Heaven`s presence seemed to be somewhat risk.
  2. The Cadmeans were incensed at his success, and set a force of fifty youths with two captains- the godlike hero Maeon, son of Haemon, and Polyphontes, son of Autophonus- at their head, to lie in wait for him on his return journey; but Tydeus slew every man of them, save only Maeon, whom he let go in obedience to heaven"s omens.
  3. In Biography of the Son of Heaven Mu, the West Queen is a gifted and elegant empress.
  4. Menelaus took Ulysses by the hand, and led him out of the press while his squire brought up his chariot, but Ajax rushed furiously on the Trojans and killed Doryclus, a bastard son of Priam; then he wounded Pandocus, Lysandrus, Pyrasus, and Pylartes; as some swollen torrent comes rushing in full flood from the mountains on to the plain, big with the rain of heaven- many a dry oak and many a pine does it engulf, and much mud does it bring down and cast into the sea- even so did brave Ajax chase the foe furiously over the plain, slaying both men and horses.
  5. The age of wisdom: Legend has it that Qi, son of Yu, rode a dragon to Heaven three times after he became king, and he stole a musical instrument from God and played it for himself at the peak of a high mountain.
  6. As the story goes, a Son of Heaven drinks the water in Qing dynast.


  英 [ri:d] 美 [ri:d]
  1. She read his thoughts.
  2. I read a good article in today"s paper.
  3. I read in a magazine that drinking a lot of tea could be a preventive against cancer.
  1. Your compositions read well.
  读的英文单词:attend school
  1. To create more opportunities for the girls in that remote village to go to colleges and universities and with a wish to protect the Yao culture, she finally decided to support some needy but excellent students to attend school in Zhuhai.
  2. Sports Features Health Colin Wausau school basketball court is the star character, but his ordinary family, without access to sports talent scholarship, he will lose the opportunity to attend university.
  3. Go up nursery school when, on the weekend, my person is in the home, hungry full the elementary school on a; when, I press down the elementary school that attend to go to school on foot, on foot time has 1 many hours almost, in those days, to the road on the town or gravel path, issue wet, did not visit the school, the shoe is already wet largely, till 3 grade when, I just had myself; of the first bicycle learns in go up when, my study and life had broken away from parents basically, became independent completely.
  4. So I walk more far, attend more many, so need not go to the school study B:Good heavens A:Have you ever heard a words:The life lies in sport B:Once heard yes A:But why do the mankind like to make some tools to avoid sport B:Not understand, can say clearly some A:For example, the mankind don"t like to walk, so invented a car, airplane etc..
  所以我走得越远,就读得越多,所以不用去学校读书啦 B:天哪 6.sports A:你听说过一句话吗:生命在于运动 B:是的,听说过啊 A:但是为什么人类喜欢制造些工具避免运动呢 B:不明白,能不能说清楚些吗 A:比如,人类不喜欢走路,所以发明了车,飞机等等。
  5. He is in no condition to attend school.
  英 [prəˌnʌnsiˈeɪʃn] 美 [prəˌnʌnsiˈeʃən]
  1. In order for the learners to grasp the pronunciation and tone of each character and word, Chinese phonetic symbols are offered for each word.
  2. The aim of this paper is to compare between the English and Mongolian vowels and their pronunciation when in connection with consonants.
  3. Likewise, he does not speak Tongan, but he practiced hard, and his coach declared that he had perfect pronunciation.
  4. Reading is able to confirm a figure of 10 words, from 1 to 10; will understand and identify letters t, f, s in the word in the pronunciation.
  5. The model testing function simulates the actual PSC testing both formally and mechnically. It can provide a chance for the examinees to know their curent PSC levels and main pronunciation problems listed in testing reports after 10-minute long testings.
  6. This page is to provide English learners and translators: Allen screw translation, English-English Xiang Jie, phonetic pronunciation online Allen screw, and the Allen screw...



  When my family moved to America in 2010 from a small village in Guangdong, China, we brought not only our luggage, but also our village rules, customs and culture. One of the rules is that young people should always respect(尊敬) elders. Unluckily, this rule led to my very first embarrassment in the United States.
  I had a part-time job as a waiter in a Chinese restaurant. One time, when I was serving food to a middle-aged couple, the wife asked me how the food could be served so quickly. I told her that I had made sure they got their food quickly because I always respect the elderly. As soon as I said that, her face showed great displeasure. My manager, who happened to hear what I said, took me aside and gave me a long lecture about how sensitive(敏感) Americans are and how they dislike the description “old”. I then walked back to the table and apologized to the wife. After the couple heard my reason, they understood that the problem was caused by cultural differences, so they laughed and were no longer angry.
  In my village in China, people are proud of being old. Not so many people live to be seventy or eighty, and people who reach such an age have the most knowledge and experience. Young people always respect older people because they know they can learn from their rich experience.
  However, in the United States, people think “growing old” is a problem since “old” shows that a person is going to retire or that the body is not working well. Here many people try to keep themselves away from growing old by doing exercises or jogging, and women put on makeup, hoping to look young. When I told the couple in the restaurant that I respect the elderly, they got angry because this caused them to feel they had failed to stay young. I had told them something they didn’t want to hear.
  After that, I changed the way I had been with older people. It is not that I don’t respect them any more; I still respect them, but now I don’t show my feelings through words.
  By Jack
  1. Jack brought the couple their food very fast because _______.
  A. the manager asked him to do so
  B. he respected the elderly
  C. the couple wanted him to do so
  D. he wanted more pay
  2. When Jack called the couple “elderly”, they became _______.
  A. nervous
  B. satisfied
  C. unhappy
  D. excited
  3. In Jack’s hometown, _______.
  A. people dislike being called “old”
  B. people are proud of being old
  C. many people reach the age of seventy or eighty
  D. the elderly are the first to get food in restaurants
  4. After this experience, Jack _______.
  A. lost his job in the restaurant
  B. made friends with the couple
  C. no longer respected the elderly
  D. changed his way with older people
  5. Which of the following is TRUE?
  A. The more Jack explained, the angrier the couple got.
  B. Jack wanted to show his feelings through words after his experience.
  C. The manager went back to the table and apologized to the couple.
  D. From this experience, Jack learned more about American culture.
  1. 选B。根据第2段中的I told her that I had made sure they got their food quickly because I always respect the elderly可知答案。
  2. 选C。根据第2段中的As soon as I said that, her face showed great displeasure可知他们听到Jack称他们为老者时,一点也不高兴。
  3. 选B。根据第3段中的In my village in China, people are proud of being old可知答案。
  4. 选D。根据最后一段中的After that, I changed the way I had with older people可知答案。
  5. 选D。根据第2段最后一句After the couple heard my reason, they understood that the problem was caused by cultural differences, so they laughed and were no longer angry可知A选项不对;根据文章最后一句but now I don’t show my feelings through words可知B选项不对;根据第2段中的I then waked back to the table and apologized to the wife 可知C 选项也不对,故正确答案为D。
  Jean is a bright young woman who comes from a rich and famous family. She goes to a good university and has everything that money can buy. Well, almost everything. The problem is that the people in Jean’s family are so busy that they can hardly find time to be with her. In fact, Jean is quite lonely.
  So Jean spends a lot of time on her QQ. She likes being anonymous(匿名), talking to people who do not know about her famous family and her rich life. She uses the name Linda on QQ and has made a lot of friends who she keeps in touch with quite often.
  Last year Jean made a very special friend on QQ. His name was David and lived in San Francisco. David was full of stories and jokes. He and Jean had a common(共同的) interest in rock music and modern dance. So it always took them hours to talk happily on QQ and sometimes they even forgot their time. Of course, they wanted to know more about each other. David sent a picture of himself: He was a tall, good-looking young man with a big, happy smile. As time went by, they became good friends and often sent cards and small things to each other.
  When Jean’s father told her that he was going on a business trip to San Francisco, she asked him to let her go with him so that she could give David a surprise for his birthday. She would take him the latest DVD of their favorite rock singer. But when she knocked on David’s door in San Francisco, she found that her special friend was a twelve-year-old boy named Jim!
  1. Jean spends a lot of her time on QQ because she is _______.
  A. rich B. famous
  C. young D. lonely
  2. Jean thought “David” was special because he _______.
  A. made her quite happy on QQ B. was from San Francisco
  C. sent her a picture of himself D. was tall and good-looking
  3. When Jean and “David” met and introduced themselves to each other, who felt surprised?
  A. “David”. B. Both “David” and Jean.
  C. Jean. D. Neither “David” nor Jean.
  4. What’s the main idea of the passage?
  A. Don’t believe those you get to know on QQ so easily.
  B. People don’t use their real names on QQ so often.
  C. Don’t go to meet those you get to know on QQ.
  D. People should tell their real names to others on QQ.
  1. 选D。由第1段的句子…In fact, Jean is quite lonely. 可知答案选D。
  2. 选A。Jean认为David幽默风趣,在摇滚乐和现代舞上和她有共同的兴趣,他们可以在网上快乐地聊上几个小时。很显然David使得Jean很开心。答案选A。
  3. 选C。文章的最后一句…she found that her special friend was a twelve-year-old boy named Jim!告诉我们,当Jean发现她那特殊的朋友是一个12岁的小孩时,用了一个感叹号结尾,虽然作者没有直接说Jean感到惊讶,但是我们可以从这个标点符号推断出她的感觉应该是十分surprised(惊讶的)。
  4. 选A。本文讲述Jean交了个十分投缘的网友,后来却发现对方原来只是一个12岁的小男孩。通过这个故事,短文意在告戒人们不要轻易相信Q友,答案选A。
  Linda Evans was my best friend—like the sister I never had. We did everything together: piano lessons, movies, swimming, horseback riding.
  When I was 13, my family moved away. Linda and I kept in touch through letters, and we saw each other on special time—like my wedding (婚礼) and Linda’s. Soon we were busy with children and moving to new homes, and we wrote less often. One day a card that I sent came back, stamped “Address (地址) Unknown. ” I had no idea how to find Linda.
  Over the years, I missed Linda very much. I wanted to share (分享) happiness of my children and then grandchildren. And I needed to share my sadness when my brother and then mother died. There was an empty place in my heart that only a friend like Linda could fill.
  One day I was reading a newspaper when I noticed a photo of a young woman who looked very much like Linda and whose last name was Wagman — Linda’s married name. “There must be thousands of Wagmans,” I thought, but J still wrote to her.
  She called as soon as she got my letter. “Mrs Tobin!” she said excitedly, “Linda Evans Wagman is my mother. ”
  Minutes later I heard a voice that I knew very much, even after 40 years, laughed and cried and caught up on each other’s lives. Now the empty place in my heart is filled. And there’s one thing that Linda and I know for sure: We won’t lose each other again!
  1. The writer went to piano lessons with Linda Evans _______.
  A. at the age of 13
  B. before she got married
  C. after they moved to new homes
  D. before the writer’s family moved away
  2. They didn’t often write to each other because they _______.
  A. got married
  B. had little time to do so
  C. didn’t like writing letters
  D. could see each other on special time
  3. There was an empty place in the writer’s heart because she _______.
  A. was in trouble
  B. didn’t know Linda’s address
  C. received the card that she sent
  D. didn’t have a friend like Linda to share her happiness or sadness
  4. The writer was happy when she _______.
  A. read the newspaper
  B. heard Linda’s voice on the phone
  C. met a young woman who looked a lot like Linda
  D. wrote to the woman whose last name was Wagman
  5. They haven’t kept in touch _______.
  A. for about 40 years
  B. for about 27 years
  C. since they got married
  D. since the writer’s family moved away
  1. 选D。开始的时候作者与Linda总是一起去上钢琴课、看电影、游泳、骑马等,但后来在作者13岁的时候,作者一家搬走了,两人只能通过书信联系。比较四个选项,显然只能选D。
  2. 选B。根据文章第2段中的Soon we were busy with children and moving to new homes, and we wrote less often 根据文可知,她们之所以没经常写信,是因为她们要忙于照顾孩子,又要搬新家,也就是说,她们没有时间写信。
  3. 选D。根据文章第3段内容可知答案。
  4. 选B。真正让作者感到高兴的是当她在电话上听到老朋友Linda的声音的时候。而读到报纸的时候和写信的时候都还只是在猜测,那时还谈不上高兴。
  5. 选A。根据文章最后一段中的Minutes later I heard a voice that I knew very much, even after 40 years…可知,答案选A。
  A man went to see his doctor one day, because he was suffering from pains in his stomach. After the doctor had examined him carefully, he said to him, “Well, there’s nothing really wrong with you, I’m glad to say. Your only trouble is that you worry too much. Do you know, I had a man with the same trouble as you here a few weeks ago, and I gave him the same advice as I am going to give you. He was worried because he couldn’t pay his tailor’s bills. I told him not to worry about the bills any more. He took my advice and when he came to see me again two days ago, he told me that he now felt quite all right again. ” “Yes, I know all about that,” answered the patient sadly. “You see, I’m that man’s tailor!”
  1. The tailor went to see his doctor because he has got a headache.
  2. There is nothing serious with the tailor.
  3. A man with the same trouble as the tailor a few days ago.
  4. The doctor gave the man and the tailor the same advice.
  5. The tailor was worried because a man couldn’t pay his bills.
  1. 选F。根据第1句A man went to see his doctor one day, because he was suffering from pains in his stomach可知本题是错误的。
  2. 选T。根据…there is no thing really wrong with you (tailor)可知裁缝的身体并没有什么大碍,故可判断此题与短文内容相符。
  3. 选F。根据句子Do you know, I had a man with the same trouble as you here a few weeks ago可知本题所叙述的时间与短文内容不一致,因此可判断此题是错误的。
  4. 选T。根据…and I gave him the same advice as I am going to give you可知答案。
  5. 选T。通读全文我们可知:上一个病人是担心他自己不能付钱给他的裁缝,而这个裁缝的病因却是因为担心那个人不能付钱给他的。